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4 Reasons That You Will Fall In Love With A Glass Shower Unit

Depending on your personal preferences, it is highly-likely that your opinion in regards to what a first-class bathroom should look like is completely-different to the thoughts of your next-door neighbour. That being said, there are trends that span across the whole of this industry, with one example being that there is a significant amount of love that is directed towards glass shower units. These have been a firm-favourite of UK homeowners for some time, and it is for this reason that Hawk K&B want to take this opportunity to shed some light on their popularity.

1. Healthier option

Few people in the UK appreciate the way in which a glass shower can preserve your health. Throughout the country, uPVC is routinely used in bathrooms, as it is excellent from a durability standpoint. Unfortunately, there is a drawback to this – the synthetic plastic is full of substances that, if ingested, could prove to be lethal. If you would like to avoid uPVC in your high-end bathroom installation, the most-obvious alternative is to have a glass shower. Year-after-year, this particular choice will pay dividends.

2. Impeccable visuals

When you walk into a luxurious bathroom that has had ample amounts spent on decorations, you expect to be blown-away; you can be rest-assured that this is the case when you lay-eyes on a glass shower. Although the design is relatively simple, you cannot dispute the incredible aesthetics that these units bring to the table. Provided that the glass has been purchased from a top-tier supplier, you should be left smiling from ear-to-ear with the visuals of your brand-new installation.

3. Surprisingly strong

It is certainly true that, in the past, glass was not praised for its durability. This is a material, after all, that is prone to cracking and smashing, which can leave a dangerous mess that needs to be cleared-up. What might have escaped your notice is the fact that there are varying degrees of glass thickness. This means that when you are designing your bespoke bathroom, you can take this into account. If you opt for multiple layers of glass, this will imbue your shower with enough strength to easily stand the test of time.

4. Customise with ease

If you were under the impression that you are limited to a single type of design when it comes to glass showers, allow us to set the record straight. This is something that is wholly-dependent on the installation contractor that you decide to hire. If they have ample amounts of experience under their belt, it should not be particularly difficult to come up with innovative designs that are unique to your home. After taking stock of the available space, and the other bathroom furniture that you have, they will work tirelessly to produce a final product that is, in a word, immaculate.

Exploring Your Options

Deciding that you’d like to overhaul your bathroom suite and subsequently fit a glass shower is one thing; it is an entirely different matter trying to find a company that can bring your dream bathroom to life. Although there will be various bathroom designers in St Albans and Hertfordshire that advocate that they can cater to your needs, the reality of the situation is that few can compete with the design and installation capabilities of Hawk K&B. During the many years that we have been operating, we have overseen the creation of countless beautiful bathrooms, all of which have been finished in a high-quality manner. If you would like to join the scores of our satisfied customers, your best-bet would be to call us on 01442 803303.