Bespoke is a word used frequently in the world of luxury design. Bespoke design is fundamentally about creating a product that is precise to a client’s brief or specification. When you have a vision of what you would like your kitchen to look like, your vision is what you expect; a design that is truly individual.

Bespoke kitchen1

At Hawk K&B we not only deal with luxury kitchen brands but we also offer our own bespoke, British handmade kitchens, meaning we can design exactly to your specification. Choosing Hawk K&B to design a bespoke kitchen for your home allows you to have a kitchen that perfectly fits the space and works within the interior. It also enables us to create a truly unique kitchen that is absolutely seamless and stunning without compromising on the layout.


Offering various styles to suit every taste, for homes both large and small; our kitchens are built to last a lifetime. Whether you choose one of our contemporary handle-less kitchens or a timeless wooden shaker style, what we think is important is that each element within a space is looked at individually and considered carefully to meet your needs. This is part of our approach and we spend time understanding our client’s lifestyles and delivering the details that makes their kitchen unique.


All of our bespoke kitchens are handmade by skilled British carpenters from their workshops in the heart of the Peak District, something we are very proud of. The fact our kitchens are made in Britain signifies their quality and timelessness. Every frame, shelf and door is hand crafted right down to the traditional joints that connect everything together and stabilise the wood.

We value the work and craftsmanship that goes into our designs, from the workshops in the Peak District where craftsmen hand craft the individual pieces, to our fitters who still use traditional techniques to ensure everything fits like a glove.


Our bespoke service also extends beyond kitchens, meaning we can create furniture for anywhere in your home. From sideboards for the hallway and built-in shelving for the living room, to wardrobes for the bedroom and beyond; we can create something to fill any space to the millimetre. The perfect made-to-measure piece.

When it comes to designing beautiful bespoke kitchens for homes around Hertfordshire, going above and beyond comes as standard for us and is one of the many reasons that customers choose to come to Hawk K&B.