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Craftsmanship in Kitchens


Image via Hawk K&B

Here at Hawk K&B, we value the work and craftsmanship that goes into our designs, from the workshops at Neptune where craftsmen hand craft the individual pieces, to our own carpenters who still use traditional techniques to ensure everything fits like a glove. It is also one of the many reasons that customers choose to come to us.

In a world which has become accustomed to throw away items, investing in quality design is now highly important with many clients wanting their kitchen to become a solid piece of the house itself, designed to last with it.


Image via Hawk K&B

Solid wood cabinetry can guarantee you this. It is a trusted material, used in homes for centuries and above all it’s natural, versatile, insulating and tactile. It is for this reason that Neptune makes all their kitchens in solid timber, never using MDF or chipboard.


Images via Hawk K&B & Neptune

Every frame, shelf and door is hand crafted right down to the traditional joints that connect everything together and stabilise the wood. The Neptune Henley kitchen is the perfect celebration of material and craftsmanship and showcases the intricate joinery and natural oak beautifully due to its unpainted appearance. Above you can see the curved pressed layers in the solid oak cornice and the dovetail joins on the drawers.

Showcasing their expert skills with wood in this way adds to the beauty of Neptune designs, allowing everyone to see the detail that goes into creating such beautiful pieces – something that is valued in today’s mass-produced, commercial world.