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Creating a Couple’s Bathroom


Image via Hawk K&B

A couple’s bathroom is the epitome of luxury. Having a bathroom that you can not only share with your loved one, but also have your own designated space is the perfect bathroom solution.

The centrepiece of any bathroom, be it for the family or a couple, is the bath. For a couple, a double ended bath is a must, allowing you to enjoy a relaxing and romantic bath together without any hassle of taps in the way. Picking a bath that is deep with high sides is also a good idea to allow you to both be fully submerged under the bubbles.


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Why not add the Victoria & Albert Tombolo bath rack too, the ultimate luxury bathroom accessory for a super relaxing soak.


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However for when you’re in more of a rush, a double shower is perfect for a couple’s bathroom. Walk in showers work best to create an uncluttered streamlined look, with two shower heads so everyone has their own space.


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A double sink is also a must have.  There are various types to choose from, you can opt for one single double length sink which looks great in contemporary bathrooms, or two basins situated on one unit.


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However for those who really want their own space, having two separate vanity units, complete with their own mirror means there will be no crossover between his and hers! Don’t forget the accessories too; a dual toothbrush holder and double hooks for your bathrobes will add those finishing touches to your couple’s bathroom.