Creating a Spa-like Sanctuary in your Bathroom

We are now seeing the bathroom become one of the most important rooms in the house as people look for escapism from the hectic pace of modern day life. The desire for a retreat within the comfort of your own home has seen us creating more and more spa-like bathrooms which take inspiration from some of the most luxurious spas.

Creating an experience is key to achieving a spa-like feel, stimulating all the senses in order for complete relaxation. Visually, natural tones and materials such as stone and marble enhance the connection with nature, a key element in many spas. The sleek aesthetic of natural stones lend themselves beautifully to bathrooms and when ran across all walls and floors it creates a smooth, continuous effect that will not only make the bathroom appear bigger but luxurious too.


Similarly texture has also become important, with textured walls offering a distinct design element. Here we used Villeroy & Boch textured Bernina tiles to create a feature wall and frame the stunning Villeroy & Boch La Belle bath.


Nothing sets a more indulgent tone than a freestanding bath. Baths themselves are now becoming more of a statement piece of furniture in their own right with super sculptural baths making stunning centrepieces. Here, this Clearwater Nebbia natural stone bath acts as a focal point in the room, proving to be as much a decorative centrepiece as a functional bathroom fixture. From a super sculptural contemporary bath to a traditional roll top, any style will set the tone for relaxation.


Showers have also moved on, becoming increasingly focused on wellness. Again, inspired by nature, large rain showers create the feeling of showering in the open air. Combined with floor-to-ceiling glass screens, showers are no longer confined to a corner of the bathroom but open to become a key feature within the space.

Through blending luxurious materials, a soothing palette, state of the art appliances and carefully chosen lighting, all your senses will be engaged and a spa-like experience in your own home can be easily achieved.