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Current Kitchen Worktop Trends

There is no denying that simply changing the worktops in your kitchen can completely transform the look of the space. Worktops are one of the key design elements in this room and they play a vital role in creating the look and feel of your kitchen, so if you don’t like your current worktops, then it is likely that you won’t particularly like your kitchen. Thankfully, it is possible to simply replace your kitchen worktops without having to rip out your whole kitchen.  

It is becoming increasingly common for homeowners to just upgrade their worktops and when deciding to do so, it is important to ensure that you choose the perfect material, pattern and colour in order to ensure that not only are your new worktops durable and low maintenance, but they look amazing too. If you’re interested in installing new kitchen worktops and you’re looking for some inspiration, below we have looked into the current kitchen worktop trends that are worthwhile knowing about. 

Wooden worktops 

Many homeowners are choosing to use natural materials throughout their home now and when doing so, they are installing hardwood worktops. This has been a traditional choice for years, but recently it has become much more popular. Installing hardwood worktops can instantly make a kitchen feel warmer and more ‘homely’ and, of course, they work well with any colour scheme. Surprisingly, they look brilliant in both traditional and contemporary style kitchens as well. 

Dark matte worktops

Recently, darker kitchens have started to become much more popular and in addition to having dark worktops, many are even using darker shades or blacks for their cabinets and walls too. When installing dark worktops, lots of homeowners are sticking with popular materials such as granite but they are opting for a matte finish instead of a classic polished finish. This provides a really contemporary look and it can give your kitchen a completely different feel.

Natural concrete worktops 

With a number of homeowners incorporating the industrial style into their home, it is no surprise that many are installing concrete worktops in their kitchen. Grey worktops with white and/or black running through them tend to be the most popular and, again, this will work brilliantly alongside a number of different colour schemes. Whilst you may think that concrete is an odd choice for worktops, we can assure you that it really can look amazing, especially in more modern kitchens. 

White marble worktops 

This is a kitchen worktop trend that has been around for decades now and it definitely isn’t going anywhere. White marble is a classic choice for your kitchen worktops and it can help to make even the smallest kitchens feel bright and airy. Whether you have light or dark kitchen cabinets, white marble will either complement them or contrast against them, either way, it will upgrade the look of the room and give it a chic new look. 

Minimalistic worktops 

Statement splashbacks are predicted to be a key feature in kitchens this year and many are starting to use interesting patterns and materials for their splashbacks. When you’re replacing your kitchen worktops, it is beneficial to bear this in mind and opting for a worktop that enables you to make your splashback standout is advisable. Consider matching your worktop to your kitchen cabinets and then adding texture and colour to the space by replacing the splashback.

Getting assistance with kitchen worktop installation 

When you’re wanting to revamp your kitchen by replacing the worktops, hopefully, the different trends above will have given you some inspiration. It is fair to say that the current trends are incredibly versatile in this regard and there is the perfect on-trend solution for every kitchen’s interior design. When searching for a company that can assist you with new kitchen worktop installations, be sure to contact us here at Hawk K&B today. 

We provide a number of kitchen services that will all be beneficial to you when you’re wanting to revamp this space and we will gladly help you to create your dream kitchen. When you turn to us specifically for kitchen worktops, we offer a range of products to suit all budgets and tastes without compromising on quality, so you can trust that we are the perfect people to turn to in this regard. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to find out more about kitchen worktop installations.