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Decorative Ideas For Improving Your Small Bathroom

When you first purchase a home, it is highly-likely that there will be certain elements that you compromise on; this could be the current design of the kitchen, or the way that the upstairs is laid-out. However, these are things that can be changed with relative ease – the same cannot be said for a bathroom that you believe to be too small. In this situation, it is important that you embrace your creative side. If you need any help, Hawk K&B is here to offer suggestions on decorative ideas that may be to your liking.

Install A Mirror

For many of you, this will be advice that appears to be relatively obsolete; after all, you would be hard-pressed to think of a bathroom that you have been in which did not already have a large mirror installed. That being said, you would be amazed at the number of homeowners that neglect this. Should you have your heart set upon having a beautiful bathroom suite, but do not have much space to work with, we suggest that you take this opportunity to purchase a luxurious bathroom mirror.

Bright Colour Scheme

Whilst there is certainly a time and a place to take advantage of dark paints, we would recommend that you steer well-clear of these when you are trying to decorate a bathroom that is somewhat on the small-side. Rather than draw people’s attention to the fact that the room is lacking in size, you will want to try and make the most of what you have Рthis is where a bright colour scheme can work wonders. Whether you decide to use paint, wallpaper, or uPVC cladding panels, you can be rest-assured that these will work wonderfully in tandem with what natural light you have available.

Walk-In Shower

Though this may not appear to be a viable option in every-situation, we guarantee that you would be amazed at the impact that installing a walk-in shower can have. These are consistently regarded to be a high-quality bathroom amenity, and rightfully so. By removing the panels that encase the shower, you are able to completely transform the perception of the room. If you were to discuss this with any contractor that designs and installs bespoke bathrooms, they will advocate that this is an opportunity that you would be foolish to pass up-on.

Glass Is Key

Should your bathroom have an external wall, and you have a budget that is not overly-restrictive, it could be worthwhile contemplating a total structural renovation. By this, we mean that you could try to install an exterior window – this is a feature that usually is found in dream bathroom catalogues. The reason that this is a course of action that you should entertain is that it can immediately inject some much-needed brightness into the bathroom, which you will have been sorely missing before.

What Can We Offer You?

If you like the sound of any of the ideas that have been mentioned above, you may wish to get the ball rolling by soliciting the services of a seasoned bathroom designer in St Albans, Hertfordshire. Although you are spoilt for choice in this department, few can hope to come close to the proficiency that is on display with the Hawk K&B team. Bathroom installations are something of a speciality for us, and we would love to be able to use our expertise to put a smile on your face. For those of you that are interested, you can get one of our support representatives to address any questions that you might have by picking up the phone and calling 01442 803303.