Designing a Family Bathroom

Designing a bathroom for an entire family requires clever design and space planning in order to cater for so many needs. There are various issues that come from sharing a family bathroom from space and logistics to storage for the clutter and toys. Below we outline some of the best ways to overcome these.


When designing a family bathroom, above all else, a bath is key. In a large family, particularly one with young children, the bathroom is centred around the bath as it is used multiple times a day. Therefore your choice of bath is important and it is best to go for a larger, full sized option to accommodate everyone. Additionally, opting for a double ended bath with taps in the middle will not only look elegant but is also practical for bathing multiple children at one time. This will also allow you to have a handheld shower option for hosing down the smaller children!


If space allows, a separate shower cubicle is also ideal, meaning the older members of the family have adequate space to shower and all the shampoo and shower gel bottles aren’t scattered around the bath looking untidy. Another option to hide the various lotions and potions that come with a large family is to use wall recesses, a clever solution for shower storage.

On the practical side, think about installing a thermostatic shower to reduce the risk of scalding. Temperature regulators can also be fitted to the taps in the bath and sinks. Similarly a non-slip floor tile is a good idea to remove the risk of slips or falls with younger children.


Twin basins can also be advantageous in a busy bathroom, allowing for more than one person to use the bathroom at the same time. If you’re short on space, a double basin with two taps can be a perfect solution to a twin basin alternative and won’t take up as much space.

Storage is hugely important in a family bathroom as with numerous toys and cosmetics, it can fast become cluttered. A combination vanity unit is great for storage and means everything is in one place.


Alternatively choosing wall hung units and sanitaryware can make the room feel much more spacious and keeps everything off the floor. It’s also easier to clean, much needed in a well-used family bathroom!