Designing a Family Kitchen

Within a family, the kitchen is usually at the heart of the home. Increasingly families are using the space to eat, socialise, cook and congregate. Combining all these elements into a kitchen design requires lots of thought and planning; who will be using the space? What is the age range within your family, are they toddlers or teenagers? This will then determine the perfect layout for your family’s lifestyle.


Most importantly, it is about maximising what space you have. An open-plan kitchen is ideal for a family and makes for a great sociable space. In such an open area, ample seating is key so think about offering different levels of seating for different activities. A breakfast bar or central island with seating is always a good idea as it invites informal dining and is perfect for sitting with a tea or coffee.


Alternatively, extending the kitchen island to form a raised dining table, as we have done here, has a similar effect but with more of a formal feel. Having an area of comfortable seating where either family or guests can sit and relax after a meal, such as the little nook in the corner of this kitchen, is also a great idea and will encourage everyone into the space.


In a family kitchen, it is important that you allow for plenty of storage. Tall cabinetry will make the most of the wall space and add in the extra needed storage. Keeping things organised in your kitchen will also help, with a place for everything there is less chance of things cluttering up the worktops. Additionally, a tambour is ideal for a family kitchen, allowing the everyday items such as kettles and toasters to be hidden away when not in use.


In such a busy area, the worktops need to be able to withstand the stresses of modern day family kitchen such as heat, spills and stains. We would always recommend Dekton for such spaces, with its hardwearing properties and no joins or cuts to create a completely uniform surface which fits seamlessly into any design.

Also consider a glass splash back not only to protect from splashes and spills but to add some colour and character to your kitchen.