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Everything you need to know about property refurbishment

If you have decided to refurbish your house, it can seem like an overwhelming and confusing process. To avoid any confusion, simply read our guide to everything you need to know about property refurbishment below.

1. Start with a schedule of works

If completing property refurbishments is beginning to feel a little overwhelming, ask the house refurbishment company you are working with to provide you with a clear schedule of works. A schedule of works is essentially an outline of every single job and task that must be completed on your refurbishment project and how long each job is expected to last.

2. Try to avoid ‘unforeseen costs’

Many people will tell you no matter what kind of refurbishment project you are trying to complete, there will always be unforeseen costs. While to some extent this may be true, if you have a building report completed by a chartered building survey completed before starting any work, this will help you to identify potential problems easily.

3. Future-proof your refurbishment

Are you refurbishing an area of your home to add value to your property, or to make the property more suitable for your needs? For example, adding an extra bathroom to a property can increase the price of a property by 6.1% and refurbishing a loft can add an extra 10%. Whilst you may not need an extra bathroom installation or bedroom currently, think of the long-term plans you have with the property.

Interested in refurbishing your home? Contact Hawk Kitchen and Bathrooms today. We can help guide you through every step of a refurbishment process and can help you wish every refurbishment decision you may have to make.