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Green for 2017 – Pantone Colour of the Year

The announcement in December of ‘Greenery’ as the Pantone colour of the year for 2017 is a strong departure from the soft and calming hues of ‘Rose Quartz’ and ‘Serenity’ seen in 2016.

However ‘Greenery’ brings an alternative relaxation, the type induced by the calmness of nature, light green grass and sunlit leaves, adding an optimistic touch to the natural relaxing quality of green.


Image via Hawk K&B

Such a fresh and vibrant colour is perfect for kitchens as there are so many different surfaces to inject colour onto. Walls, splashbacks, cabinetry and doors are great places to go green. Here the client chose a green glass splashback to make a bold statement in this kitchen.

Combined with neutral colours, the green becomes an accent colour, adding subtle drama without dominating the space. When used as the main hue throughout the scheme, it is best not to introduce too many other colours to ensure the most elegant and timeless execution.


Image via Hawk K&B

Greenery is perfect for prints too and we have seen jungle prints in a mix of green florals and foliage flooding interiors over the past few seasons. In this project above, the greenery from the feature wall is accented on the walls throughout this kitchen and as described as ‘natures neutral’ by Pantone, it’s a shade that can be paired with neutrals, brights, deeper shades, pastels and metallics – all of which can be seen above to create a beautiful vibrant space.

When executed properly green can enhance the core whites and earth tones in your design. A touch of Greenery in wall colour beautifully accents the core neutrals.


Image via Hawk K&B

Don’t forget to include natural green elements too. Incorporate fresh floral sprays, vegetables, leafy arrangements and ferns in your kitchen and bath designs. Even subtle injections of green through crockery, table linen or towels will instantly invigorate the space.

Image via Hawk K&B

Image via Hawk K&B

Pantone also notes that “Greenery is nature’s neutral.” It’s a lively hue that can’t help but channel exploration, innovation, health and more, making it a natural fit for the kitchen and dining room for the New Year.