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Integrating an AGA into Your Kitchen


Image via Hawk K&B

Those who choose to integrate an AGA into their kitchen design are usually the people who have grown up with them, therefore know and appreciate their beauty and usage. However, if you are thinking of integrating an AGA into your kitchen design and are new to its benefits, take a look below at how this design icon can become the heart of your home and a beautiful addition to your kitchen.

Although 90 years old, the AGA can blend harmoniously into both classic and contemporary settings. With a variety of 12 different colours to suit any scheme, a classic AGA can be all the design statement you need in a kitchen. Surprisingly it doesn’t have to be the classic cream or black that fit with a traditional kitchen, here our client decided on purple which suits this country kitchen design perfectly.


Image via Hawk K&B

And if your home boasts original beams or brickwork, leave them exposed to create maximum texture and country credibility.


Image via Hawk K&B

In this more contemporary setting, the electric AGA in Pearl Ash contrasts yet complements the contemporary aesthetic. Alternatively choose a contemporary style AGA with a ceramic or gas top for an even sleeker look.


Image via AGA

Again another benefit that means an AGA can fit into any setting is its number of fuel options; oil, natural and propane gas, or electricity. This greater flexibility is designed for modern day 21st century living, with the AGA Total Control allowing it to be turned on and off at the touch of button.

For many one of the key attributes that makes an AGA so appealing within a home is its constant radiating warmth. The family huddle around it and the kitchen is always guaranteed to be warm. However even with Total Control, you can still enjoy that indefinable ambient AGA warmth while managing the amount energy used through programming it to fit the rhythms of your daily life.


Image via Hawk K&B

For smaller kitchens, AGA cookers also come in streamlined styles such as the City60 or a standard 3 oven style so you can integrate it into those slimmer settings.


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Be it stand alone or sitting between kitchen cabinets, an AGA will always be the centrepiece to a kitchen, not only for its iconic aesthetics but also for its perfect marriage of design and superior performance and of course its unrivalled cooking abilities.

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