Opening up the Outdoors

When summer arrives, nothing is more appealing than dining al-fresco. Having a kitchen that allows you to open up and extend your living space to the outside is the perfect way to achieve a seamless, open-plan, open-air dining experience. The key to creating a kitchen and dining space that feels connected with the garden is through the use of glass. Flooding the room with natural light through the use of large windows or doors allows inside and out to flow.


Bi-folding doors offer the biggest connection to the outside and will make your kitchen feel much larger and open. It’ often thought that you need a large space for bi-folding doors, however when used in smaller kitchens, such as the one we designed above, the effect can be just as exceptional, transforming what could be a small kitchen into a beautiful space that opens out onto the garden beyond.


In more contemporary homes such as this London project, a modern glass conservatory will achieve the same affect. Here, we designed the kitchen and dining spaces to fit around this beautiful glass structure which bathes the space in natural light alongside offering panoramic views of the sky and garden.


If doors into the garden aren’t an option, adding skylights can also create a beautifully light space as can be seen in our project above. Combined with a bright white colour scheme and bold pops of colour from plants and flowers, we created a light-filled summery space.

To complete your connection to the outdoors, choose natural colours and materials that will blend seamlessly with the outside and with a minimal use of furniture, the garden view beyond will become the main focus.