Small Bathroom Solutions

The bathroom is rarely the biggest room in the house but it’s a room where we like to spend time unwinding and relaxing, therefore it’s important to design the space carefully, particularly if you have a small bathroom. Below we outline some small bathroom solutions which will enhance a sense of space through design, colour, texture and lighting.


If a client has a particularly small bathroom, our first suggestion would be a wet room. Opening up the floor space and using the same tile across the entire floor will make the space feel immediately bigger. If using a shower screen, opt for clear glass rather than frosted to remove any visual boundaries which would split up the room.


However if you do want to fit a bath in, there are plenty of options. Most brands offer smaller sized baths to fit those more modest bathrooms with different dimensions and designs that can be easily adjusted to suit your individual layout. For long, thin bathrooms where a bath would take up most of the space, try putting a smaller tub along the shorter back wall instead to create a greater freedom of movement.


Compact vanities are now also an option but still allow for plenty of storage, an important feature in a small bathroom. Here the vanity only takes up the space of the sink itself with the storage underneath. Being wall-hung it also frees up floor space, making the room feel bigger. Similarly toilets with shorter profiles that don’t stick out as much as standard sizes, swivelling taps and shower screens that fold inwards or slide can make a big difference in a small bathroom.


Another simple storage solution which will remove the need for untidy shelves taking up valuable wall space, are built in alcoves. These small storage spaces are built into the wall itself and create a streamlined, uncluttered appearance. Here we even built the hand-held shower into a recess to keep it looking neat and out of the way when not in use.


However the most essential item in a small bathroom is a large mirror. It will reflect light and make the space feel bigger than it really is. Alongside this, the use of light colours will work in just the same way so stick to a light, neutral palette.