The Art of Accessorising

When it comes to choosing accessories for the home, it can be a harder task than you think. With mirrors, art, cushions and decorative objects to think of, it’s important to remember that less is more. Be selective and chose pieces that you feel are unique to you and your home. Even in kitchens and bathrooms, accessories can bring a space to life.



Making a space your own and showcasing your personality, style and interests is important. Art is a great place to start as this is so subjective and individual. Neptune offer a great range of wall art to suit any interior from beautiful black and white cityscapes for the more modern home, to whimsical illustrations that will bring a vintage feel to your home and look wonderful in country style kitchens. Whether you’re showcasing an art collection or a favourite family snapshot, a photo gallery wall is a great way to create a focal point using frames of varying sizes and styles.



Flowers and foliage are often overlooked when thinking of accessorising your home; however they can transform a space and work particularly well in kitchens and bathrooms. The addition of greenery automatically injects colour, texture and scent into a room and with so many options to choose from, there will always be something to suit your style. A full bouquet of floral blooms on the kitchen table is perfect for creating a focal point in the room however if fresh flowers aren’t practical, Neptune offer some outstanding faux flowers. For smaller spaces such as a bathroom or cloakroom, a collection of succulents or a single orchid works perfectly.


Vases & Pots

Another consideration when choosing flowers and plants is the style of pot or vase you choose. Accessorising a room with vases is simple and elegant, and is an easy way to bring interesting patterns, colour, texture and unique shapes into the home. Whether it’s modern and sleek or vintage and delicate, it is just as important as the flowers themselves.



Mirrors are another accessory that can transform a room. In a small bathroom, a mirror can make a big difference, creating both light and space. Opting for one in a decorative frame such as this Neptune Buckingham Mirror means you can add an extra bit of personality to your bathroom and with 35 different paint options to choose from there is something for every colour scheme.

It is these important finishing touches that not only add personality to your home but also bring colour and texture which all come together to complete the look of your home.