The Beauty of a Freestanding Bath

Nothing shouts luxurious bathroom like a freestanding bathtub, giving the impression of opulence and luxury, drawing you into the indulgent experience bathing can offer. Therefore when designing a bathroom, a beautiful freestanding bath is normally top of our clients’ wish list. Whether contemporary or traditional, there are many different types to fit any scheme.


Designed to take centre stage, positioning is key. In larger bathrooms, a freestanding bath looks best when placed in the centre of the room or at an angle, sitting away from the wall. The surrounding free space will draw the eye towards it, creating a sense of grandeur. Above, we also used small spot lights in the floor to illuminate this tub from below adding to its opulence.


It’s often thought that you need a big spacious bathroom to house a freestanding bath however they can also look stunning in smaller bathrooms too. Less is more in small spaces and a simple design with sleek lines will produce an elegant space that oozes tranquillity. We used this philosophy in the bathroom design above, specifying the Austin Harmony bath with its simple, sleek shape alongside matching sanitary ware.


Keeping the rest of the bathroom fuss free is also important in order for the bath to take centre stage. Here we ran the same tile across both the walls and floors to create a sleek, streamlined space and allow this Victoria & Albert Mozzano bath to stand out.

A freestanding bath also offers the best bathing experience. With the variety of designs today, from a classic vintage roll-top to the Victoria & Albert Cabrits, contoured to fit the body, freestanding baths are designed with plenty of room for the ultimate luxury soak.