The Charm of a Classic Country Kitchen

The relaxed style of an English country kitchen is part of its charm and offers a lovely alternative to the modern-day sleek contemporary kitchens. Whether it’s a thatched cottage or a manor house, British country properties take cues for their interior style from the natural landscapes that so often surround them.


Colour is key and with hand-painted cabinetry in a palette of chalky, natural hues, a simple, shaker-style kitchen can offer a beautifully refined style. Colours such as dove grey, shell or moss green offer a timeless appeal, particularly when paired with traditional cup handles.


No country kitchen would be complete without the classic British-made Aga. Introduced in the late 1920’s and popular with owners of country homes, the Aga provided the ability to cook in numerous methods as well as providing heating for the home. Nowadays the Aga comes in a vast array of enamelled shades to suit all kitchens, from classic black or cream to more quirky pistachio and lemon. We also now specify many electric Aga’s that can be controlled by an app for the more modern country kitchen.


Another staple for every English country kitchen is a beautiful, big ceramic sink. From butler to farmhouse, these robust sinks are perfect for busy kitchens with enough room to wash a whole family’s pots and pans easily.


In such a warm, charming space, a beautiful wooden farmhouse table will complete the look and offers a place to sit, eat, drink and entertain. The Neptune Chichester shown above is one of our favourites and compliments a country kitchen perfectly.


Above all, it is important to work with the existing framework of the building. In character homes, make the most of original architectural features such as wooden beams and exposed brickwork, as each will add to the charm of the kitchen. In more modern homes, simply adding some freestanding furniture such as a kitchen dresser will add interest to any empty spaces and complete your country kitchen look.

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