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The complete guide to bathroom design and installation

Bathroom installation and design is a really fun interior project, but some of us can get a bit overwhelmed when it comes to deciding what we want.

Whether it’s an entire house refurbishment or a passion project for the one room, we’ve created an easy to understand guide to bathroom design and installation.

Work out your budget

Like many other rooms in the house, bathroom installations can be high end or affordable. From about £4K you can get a bath, sink and toilet set, and from £4.5K upwards an entire set including a specific shower enclosure can be yours – plus, many bathroom fittings come with finance options to make them more affordable.

Draw up the floorplan

A floorplan is pretty important when it comes to a bathroom installation. Work out what you can include within the space you’ve got to work with.

For larger spaces, pick bathroom fittings which complement the area, and try not to clutter the bathroom with too many things. For smaller spaces, work with the area you have and install practical, space-saving bathroom fittings for maximum efficiency. Within this, you can also work out what bathroom fittings you need, as well as any additional you want.

Decide on a style

You can really have some fun when it comes to bathroom styles. From contemporary, Pinterest-worthy designs to modern bathrooms, go for a design which injects freshness into the room and works in harmony with the rest of your interior. You can even go for a beach style so every day feels like you’re at the coast, or a more traditional style.

For more advice, or a full bathroom installation service, get in touch.