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Tips For Creating A Luxury Bathroom Design

Your bathroom should be somewhere you can relax and unwind, and the way the room is designed will have a huge impact on both the look and feel of the space. Luxurious and indulgent bathrooms are very popular amongst homeowners these days, and many want to achieve a five-star hotel-style bathroom. Thankfully, it is easier than you may assume to design a sophisticated bathroom and with the help of a creative design team, you will be able to transform your space into a bathroom you’re proud to show off. 

Whether you’re revamping your master bathroom, family bathroom or en-suite bathroom, below we have put together some tips to help you create a luxury bathroom design

Keep the design simple 

When you’re designing a luxury bathroom, less is often more. Keeping your design simplistic and classic will help you to create an elegant space that you enjoy spending time in. It is always beneficial to choose a timeless colour scheme too and opting for white or neutral colours, for example, is a brilliant way to make sure the room feels spacious and welcoming. 

Choose a freestanding bath 

Often, the bath is the focal point in a bathroom and an easy way to upgrade your design is to install a freestanding bath. This type of bath is synonymous with luxury and there is a brilliant range of sophisticated freestanding bathtubs to choose from. If you’d like to have a modern bathroom, move away from art deco designs and explore some of the more contemporary freestanding baths. You could even make a statement with a unique colour too. 

Upgrade to a double sink 

Another important feature in any bathroom design is the sink area. Simply installing a double sink can completely transform the bathroom into a more luxurious space and you might not need as much wall/floor space as you assume to install more than one sink. Of course, not only do double sinks look amazing, but they are very practical as well. 

Match your fixtures and fittings 

The finishing touches to your luxury bathroom design can have a big impact on the overall look of the space, and getting your fixtures and fittings right is key. Ideally, try to match things like your tap, showerhead, toilet roll holder and towel rail, this can help to make the design seem complete. Don’t be afraid to experiment with bold colours or matte finishes when you’re choosing your fixtures and fittings too, there’s a brilliant range on the market. 

Tile from floor to ceiling 

Choosing the right floor tiles and wall tiles is crucial when you’re creating a luxury bathroom design, and you shouldn’t rush this decision. Rather than only tiling halfway up your wall, consider tiling from floor to ceiling too, this can give the space a more cohesive look. Marble and marble-look tiles are still very popular, and they’re perfect for black and white bathroom designs.

Incorporate plenty of storage 

Similarly to every other room in your home, you need to ensure you have convenient storage solutions in your bathroom. When you incorporate lots of smart storage into your design, it will be much easier to keep your bathroom organised and tidy, and this can make it look more elegant. Try to install bathroom storage solutions that keep all of your essentials out of sight, this will give you the flawless look you were hoping for in your luxury bathroom. 

Designing a luxury bathroom 

If you would like some assistance bringing your luxury bathroom ideas to life, our team at Hawk K&B are the best people to contact. We provide an end-to-end home improvement service, assisting with everything from planning to installation, and we can help you to transform your bathroom into a sophisticated room that meets all of your individual needs. 

We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality bathrooms and to ensure we exceed our customers’ expectations, we keep the whole process in-house. We can assure you that every aspect of your luxury bathroom will be handled by experienced professionals and you won’t be disappointed with the finished product. We invite you to browse through the project gallery on our website to get a feel for the standard of our work. If you would like to speak to our team about creating a luxury bathroom design in more detail, get in touch with us today.