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Why Wet Room Installations are Becoming a Popular Alternative to Conventional Bathrooms

When it comes to the layout of your new build; or even your existing property, it’s often planned out to accommodate as much space as possible but sometimes the flow of your property’s interior may not be as smooth as you’d like. For some, the layout of their property is something they get used to over time but for others it doesn’t even take a second thought to begin changing their home’s interior. 

Although this is just personal preference in most cases, when you look further down the line at the bigger picture, this unorganised layout may have an impact on the rate your property is sold; should you ever put it on the market in the future or maybe even the overall value.

Now, we know what you are thinking; “I bought the house so I’m sure someone else will too”, and yes we agree but sometimes poor movement and flow within your interior design may just make it a little harder for prospective buyers to visualise themselves living in this particular property. So, it’s safe to say that refurbishing and updating the layout of your property’s interior is sure to be worthwhile.

Start with the Essentials

At first sight, planning a whole new interior for your property can seem daunting, particularly when you aren’t quite sure where to start, but don’t worry because there’s no need to do it alone. Nowadays there is such a broad offering of contractors, interior designers and architects out there to choose from but why settle for an all round provider when you can seek the assistance of specialists in particular areas.

We all know the essential rooms and appliances in our homes but one thing we can’t live without is a good shower to wake us up each morning or even a bath before heading off to bed after a long day, so why not start on your bathroom? Surprisingly, bathrooms, en suites and cloakrooms have evolved greatly over the years and with new, modern day solutions available you have a much larger amount of design options to choose from. 

Here at Hawk K&B, our kitchen and bathroom specialists in Hertfordshire offer first class quality products and designs to suit any budget, taste and available space that we have to work with; so no matter how big or small your existing bathroom is, our experts are sure to be able to accommodate your visions.

Understanding your Options has Never Been Easier

Having a practical bathroom is something every property needs; particularly in a family home, but this doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the exquisite design you have always wanted. There are many different types of shower and bathrooms available on the market to choose from but one of the most popular that we are seeing more and more in all manner of properties is wet rooms.

At first glance, wet rooms may flag plenty of worries and concerns in your head but believe it or not they are extremely low maintenance when it comes to cleaning them. This is due to the types of materials that have been specifically adapted to make light work of the upkeep of your wet room, including solid tiles that are hard wearing and won’t be affected by the damp over time, stainless steel metals and features and even easy clean grout to give that clean, sleek finish.

On a maintenance level, wet room installations are an ideal alternative to conventional bathrooms but how about on a usage and practicality level? Again, we can’t fault them. Every member of your household is sure to have different needs and a wet room is sure to fulfil them. Wet room installations focus on minimal obstacles therefore making much easier access for those with limited mobility. Not only that but it opens up the room; even if it is smaller than you’d like, resulting in what feels like a much larger space to move around in freely.

Wet rooms have great advantages when it comes to their maintenance and use but did you know that a wet room installation could increase the value of your property? Wet rooms are becoming more and more popular by the day and are becoming an essential amenity that buyers are looking for when they are on the hunt for a new home.

Discover the Full Potential of your Bathroom

If you are interested in discovering the full potential of your bathroom, the flexibility in design and layout that comes with choosing a wet room rather than a conventional bathroom and how seeking advice on our wet room installations may benefit you and your property greatly, then we encourage you to contact Hawk K&B today. 

You can do this by giving us a call on 01442 803303, emailing or by completing the online contact form on our website and a member of our friendly and helpful team will be able to discuss your enquiry with you and talk you through each stage of our wet room installations.