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Would You Be Wise Fitting A Bathtub In Your Home?

In the past, it was bathtubs that were regarded to be the essential unit within a bathroom; this, after-all, was the only way in which to properly relax, whilst also being able to get clean. Now, however, you will notice that the vast-majority of new-builds have fitted bathrooms which consist solely of a wash basin, and a walk-in shower. Here at Hawk K&B, we believe that you have the ability to create your dream bathroom, as well as enjoy a top-tier bathtub. If you are not yet sold on the benefits of this move, we suggest that you read over our thoughts on the matter down below.

Financially Savvy

Before we elaborate on some of the initial advantages associated with fitting a bathtub, we would first like to touch upon the long-term impact that this can have. Specifically, it is important that you understand the way that this can help your property’s value, when the time comes to list your home on the market. Due to the reduced number of houses that contain this feature, this will immediately attract a certain demographic of buyers.

Countless Different Designs

Regardless of the decor that you are planning to have within your new bathroom project, it is incredibly easy to include a bathtub; this is thanks to the fact that, during the buying stage, you will be given the opportunity to browse through a vast-range of designs. For a minimalist feel, we recommend that you go back to basics and opt for a cast-iron unit. However, if you are trying to remain modern, there is certainly nothing wrong with buying one of the newer fibreglass-plastic hybrid models.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Some people will certainly argue that, from a visual standpoint, showers are a step-up from bathtubs; we fall on the other side of the debate, and we are glad to explain our line of thinking. Despite showers being excellent for when you are looking to save on space, bathtubs can provide you with the focal point that you have been so-desperately looking for. Whether you decide to have it placed against the wall, or think that you have the space necessary to have it front-and-centre, the end-result will be a bathroom that puts a smile on your face each-and-every time you walk in.

Incredibly Relaxing

Up until this point, the majority of our time has been spent focussing on the tangible benefits that are attributed to owning a bathtub. Now, we think that it’s time to shed some light on the way in which this investment can help your body. If you devote enough time to take a weekly soak, you will be able to feel the tension that you have built-up to simply melt away. An added bonus of this is that you can drastically improve your mental state, which should not be taken for granted.

A Bit About Us

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